We cannot abandon “Hope”. We need a “Change” in Presidents…

So let’s see.  Obama has no record to run on in 2012, so once again he relies on racism, polarizing tactics and lies to keep the focus off of his record. Smart voters will not fall for his lies.

Dear Mr President. Please run on all the wonderful things you have done for our economy. Run on Obamacare. Run on the fact you are taking 500 billion dollars from medicare to fund Obamacare, Run on 15% unemployment. Run on the failed 800 billion dollar stimulus, Run on 47 million people on food stamps, Run on bankrupt government funded green companies, Run on a 5 trillion dollar debt. Run on the failure to close the borders. Run on Fast and Furious, Run on the National Security leaks coming from your administration.

Obamas new campaign slogan. Forget that hopey changey its now “Gloom and Doom”

What hangs in the balance in November is the very heart and soul of America.

Obama is a class-warfare pro, an America-dividing zealot who before becoming President never ran a single successful business or money/job-creating enterprise.

Romney has run businesses, and has done so enormously well. He has a TON of other qualifications: governor, Salt Lake Olympics, cut taxes, worked with the opposition in MA and on and on.

The only reason Obama is not getting crushed is because the liberal, America-hating mainstream media is in bed with Obama and the liberal agenda.

He has many millions of people who don’t even read the paper or watch news programs who will vote for him just to keep their various entitlements coming. The real electoral math is the fact that close to 50% of the country is government-dependent now. That is a number he won’t drop below. Add in the diehard liberals and the fruits of the ‘open-borders’ foolishness and he gets four more years.

What the President is running up against is the people’s ability to do math. The people know it’s insanity for the government to borrow 1/3 or more of the budget each year. The people know it’s a severe dereliction of duty to promise free health care for all when every penny we take in today is already being used up for the four budget items Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and servicing the debt. We borrow every penny we use to run the government aside from those four things. So, yeah, hope is not a method.

The media, now, could do America a tremendous service of factual, statistical, empirical data and information dissemination. That would serve two functions: inform voters so that they could make decisions based upon fact rather than campaign rhetoric; and, restore hope because so many voters are believing Obama that he’s doing all the right things but it’s going into the tank anyway. Truth is that both premises are lies and there is not only the hope of change but the reality of change and it can be brought about simply by a correct vote. Without the vote against Obama and the liberals the facts and conditions will only get worse and at some point there will be no more hope of anything good.


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