Scraping the Barnacles II… releases EXTREMELY pathetic, dopey video


Just in time for the Olympics, Political Action is releasing this ad that calls out Mitt Romney for wanting many Americans to receive worse treatment than a horse. We want Rafalca, and all our Olympic athletes, to bring home the gold, but we won’t stand for Mitt Romney shipping jobs overseas. And it’s great that Rafalca gets excellent care, but Mitt Romney trying to cut Americans’ health care? Well, that’s a horse of a different color.

PS:  Not that it has to do with anything but comments for this video are closed on YouTube.

This is all you’ve got?  Wondering just how much that “play set” on the WH lawn cost the taxpayers.  What about that trip to Mexico.  Or the ski trip over Spring Break.  Please — try to be consistent with your “luxuries.”

This ad is laughable, and amateurish. It looks like something a group of kindergartners would come up with as a little project to keep them busy in class. It complains that Romney will ship jobs overseas, when the truth is Obama’s policies, and the highest business taxes in the world, will force large companies to relocate overseas to escape these enormous taxes….which will undoubtedly be greatly increasing during an Obama second term. After all, businesses are making their money overseas. Why not relocate to where they’re making the money, with lower costs? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that.

If MoveOn really wants to make a really dopey Ad, then how about making one about how much the Taxpayers Paid for that HIDEOUS Tiger Striped Spandex Body Suit Chewbacca wore last Halloween; even the birds wouldn’t come back to the White House lawn after that.

This is yet another display of communistic disdain of successful Americans, free enterprise, capitalism and American exceptionalism.

MoveOn, wide-eyed, fire breathing communists, makes it quite clear they are getting desperate as they see their champion Obama heading for a severe trouncing at the polls come November.


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