Elizabeth Banks makes Video Propaganda for Planned Parenthood and Obama/Biden


Elizabeth Banks shares why women’s health security is important and how Planned Parenthood helped her after college. She shares the difference between President Obama’s continuing support for women and Mitt Romney’s plan to compromise women’s rights.

As Elizabeth shares:
“Planned Parenthood is something I care very deeply about. Planned Parenthood was my healthcare provider when I didn’t have insurance after graduating from college.”

One of the lines in the video and I am paraphrasing here “The services they (Planned Parenthood) provide, what is it ? 95% of them don’t involve anything controversial”

But what you don’t understand or are just plain ignorant about MS Hollywood-Uberlib-Obama-Borg-Collective-Automaton is that Planned Parenthood’s own records now show 5,364,540 surgical and medical abortions have been done at Planned Parenthood centers from 1970 through the end of 2009.

Translated this means 5.3 million lives have been terminated at your local friendly Planned Parenthood since 1970 because of the 5% of the services that are “controversial” – PROVIDE, WHAT IS IT? KILLING BABIES!!!

And fewer than 5% of German Nazis were actually killing Jews… So I have to assume that they were ok otherwise!

Stuff that in your Hollywood Whoopee Weed pipe babe…


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