Hey Middle Class Obama Loves Us!!! Doesn’t that make you feel “GREAT”!!!

Obama, a warrior for the middle class, Opposed to tax hikes?

He’s already raised taxes on the middle class.

His hiking of cigarette excises was a tax hike on the middle class (and all smokers.)

His attempts to avoid extending the Bush Tax Cuts was an attempted tax hike on the middle class.

His mindless droning about how “we”, entrepreneurs, didn’t build that was an attack on the middle class, and the working class, and the poor, and the wealthy. It was an assault on doctors, lawyers, mechanics, engineers, architects, scientists, florists, authors, artists and anyone else that has put forth the hard work required to get ahead. Oh, it may have been veiled in the typical imbecilic cloak of Marxism where he attacks just entrepreneurs, but nonetheless, it was an attack on anyone that has achieved any level of success. It was a demonstration of his hatred of those that through their own efforts succeed.

The middle class is the anathema of tyrants, if for no other reason than they have a degree of learning, a capacity for hard and useful work, and a desire to pass things they earn on to their kids. The American way of life has always provided people born into poverty with a path to success, and ability to get into the “middle class” through the work of an individual with the “right stuff”. Once Obama is through “changing” the way things are done, there will be no path other than the path of knowing someone with political clout (which is of course obtained by the ability to give money or control votes). No one is safe from the communistic bent of the Obama’s acolytes in government. By refusing to allow the economy to find equilibrium and restore itself through the efficiency of market principles, Obama is going to make the loss of equity almost everyone has suffered into a generation long phenomenon. He will have moved on to King of the World before the PC suckers wake up.

ObamaCare is a tax hike on the middle class, either through increased premiums for fool’s gold-plated health-care plans or through an actual tax for daring to not carry medical insurance.

Obama’s presidency has been a constant assault on the middle class.

You can rest assured that the second most deceiving sentence in the English Language is along the lines of, “I’m a Democrat and I want to help you.” They never mention that their help involves brutalizing you financially, emotionally, mentally, and professionally so that you become a good Marxist puppet, or else.

He hates us all because we are ignorant bigoted fools who can’t be trusted to take care of ourselves. Only almighty Obama and his leftist elite are smart enough to know what’s best for all of us. Thank you thank you THANK YOU for showing me the error of my hard working, woman marrying, personally responsible, money making ways; I will do my best from now on to be a good Obamamerican and drink the government look aide handed to me out the window of the liberal limousine as it drives by……….I feel like I have woke up in an episode of the twilight zone…..where the hell is my country!?!


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