President Obama – “It’s Not Like I Love Paying Taxes.”

President Obama rallying supporters in Colorado 8/9/2012

 “… and listen the reason we do that is not because we love taxes, I would end up having to pay more under my plan, and it’s not like I love paying taxes, but I understand that I’ve got to do a little bit more, I’ve been so blessed and it will help us bring down our deficit and invest in things like education that will help us grow the economy.”

Well Mr. President, instead of flying every night on Air Force one to campaign events…. stay home. Very frivolous way of spending our tax money because I doubt the DNC reimburses the taxpayers for the costs. Many of the 47 % who pay no federal income tax could be back to work, and or get better positions because there would be less need for companies to relocate out of the USA.

 Reduce corporate, small business taxes and deregulate the oppresses and sometime overbearing and senseless EPA demands (like requiring a substance to be added to gas the refineries cannot obtain.)

 Get rid of unions especially in government workers. It is just a club on the taxpayers since the government, of all employers should have fair and safe work environments. People should not be striking to earn more than they are worth or protected from bad performances or breaking rules. We all know now you had a hand in denying nonunion employees of GM their retirement benefits while shoring up those of the unions. Why…. are the nonunion workers not Obama supporters?

 Stop giving companies bonuses to hire minorities… the best person should get the job. Save us money there.

And GET RID OF ILLEGALS they cost us tax money. Never mind the fraudulent votes you want from them.

Even if we were to believe his campaign slogan “forward” was not a borrowed tag from the socialists, does anyone really think the country is moving forward? Yeah, maybe forward into bankruptcy, forward off the cliff, forward towards third world status…


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