Mitt Romney it’s time to get out the Can of TRUTH!!!

Obama is a fraud to his rotten core, so he cannot possibly run on merits or his own dismal record. He can only focus on debasing his qualified and all American competitor…  Why do Obama Supporters believe these lines of crap? Well, perhaps because the MSM is owned by several (6?) companies who are as left-leaning and anti-American as Obama leaving the wide-eyed idiots ignorant of Obama’s evil, insidious, Marxist plans for America forever weakening my once mighty neighbor. They readily absorb Romney smears and blatant lies thinking their “Messiah” is omnipotent and on their side. How wrong they are. They will be forever silenced and enslaved when Dear Leader is re-elected but at least they will be ‘paying their fair share’.

Attempted character assassination gets the job done every time in Chicago, but there are two catches:

1.) Nasty allegation alone isn’t going to work in America, especially in conjunction with President Food Stamps’ monumental record of failures.

2.) Ludicrously improbable, completely unsupported allegation isn’t going to attract additional voters. He’s already got the skin color vote, the perpetually aggrieved homosexual vote, the looter vote, the perpetually aggrieved women vote, and maybe even a few other segments. So? Energetically slinging mud may make him seem dynamic to a few self-declared “independents,” but twice or thrice as many more recognize desperation when they see and hear it.

Oh, by the way, speaking of desperation, I’ve got a hunch Food Stamps has good reason to be afraid Snopes Clinton and his lovely wife will do to him as he’s trying to do to Romney. If you think the Clintons are too principled or squeamish to hire skilled people to do some afterhours digging, I’ve got one of the last vast, undivided cattle ranches in Manhattan to sell you, and what’s more, the price is very reasonable.

Romney by 8%, reduced to 5% by Democratic party vote fraud.

Those who depend on deception for their success are always able to find those willing to be deceived. That’s a given, and never more so than when thinking about Obama’s base which is made up of those willing (eager) to be deceived.

While we are insulted by the patronizing assumption that “we” can be deceived, the truly ignorant and easy-to-deceive are his base. They’ll vote for him even while being led into the gulag. Forget them.

I hope Romney starts campaigning on ideas and plans pretty soon and stops letting TOTUS determine the subject of the day.

It’s time for Romney to start educating the American public as to why Obama’s and the democrats’ policies are destroying our economy and what he (Romney) plans to do about it and why it will help. Let Obama wallow in the mud while we tell America what is needed for ALL Americans to succeed. I hope that’s what Romney is planning. It’s still early enough to take the lead on this and make Obama look petty at the same time by not even answering the lies but with a short sentence at the beginning of each ad stating that lies and mudslinging aren’t going to help the American people.


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