It’s Ass Kickin’ Time – Mitt Romney picks Paul Ryan as VP running mate

Wall Street Journal

NORFOLK, Va.—Mitt Romney picked Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate, a decision that could spark enthusiasm for the Republican ticket among conservatives and all but ensures the election will turn to deep philosophical divisions between the two parties over spending, taxes and entitlements.

In Mr. Ryan, 42 years old, the Romney campaign gets a conservative who has spent recent years at the center of national debates about the size and scope of the federal government. With his proposals to revamp entitlement programs for future retirees and the poor, he has become a hero to conservatives and a target for liberals.

Mr. Romney praised Mr. Ryan as “an intellectual leader of the Republican Party” who also has “shown the ability to work with members of both parties to find common ground” on tough issues. “I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t respect his character and judgment,” he said in front of USS Wisconsin, a World War II battleship that now is a museum and carries the name of Rep. Ryan’s home state.

Ryan is THE ABSOLUTE best pick for Mitt. He doesn’t get down and dirty because he has the truth on his side and truth to dhimmicrats is like a cross to vampires. Drives them wild! Normal, thoughtful people are repulsed by their OWS tactics; let’s just hope there are enough of us left to overcome the massive voting fraud headed our way.

Turning our huge ship of state around will be a slow and painful process, hindered by the establishment types and entrenched lefty bureaucrats, but we have hope that many of the progressives and RINO’s will be sent packing. I believe the ousting of Lugar was a good indication of where this could go.

There are other cracks appearing such as some of the MSM questioning the veracity of the “Romney causes cancer” ad. Romney & Ryan stand for decency and integrity which will become glaringly obvious to even the most rabid Obama Borg. Whether or not the spell can be broken remains to be seen, but the fact that the 44th President is catering to every radical group on the left, those he already “owns,” and ignoring the majority of regular folks, tells me he is in desperate straits.

Divide and conquer works in this country only IF your side makes up more than 50%.

Romney did not pick a running mate. He set a priority. He framed the debate. He did not base his pick on genitalia, skin pigmentation or country of origin. This somehow passes for deep thought among the OCD world of politicos. No, Romney did not choose a running mate, he chose a Vice President.


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