Barack Obama takes some “Hard Hitting” questions from Entertainment Tonight

Link to ET Interview

ET interview! I see BO is still seeking the tough interviews. How pathetic he is. This guy couldn’t quit lying if he tried which he won’t because his whole thing is to get people to fight each other while he and his cronies steal everything they can from the taxpayers. What is stunning is how many people don’t notice his lies. It is not like his lies are scarce. I guess they get dazzled by all his never ending broken promises.

 Let’s breakdown his statements:

“How do we put people back to work?” – Translation: How do we get increase the size of government, add more people to public sector unions and re-write bankruptcy laws to save auto-union worker jobs? How do we paint those who attack the auto bailout and point out that it is now costing $25 billion as people who are hateful and would have been happy to see millions of autoworkers lose their jobs?

“How do we improve our schools?” – Translation: How do we convince people that if we spend more money to put more bad union teachers in the public schools then that will make them better for the students who are forced to attend them? And how do we paint those who favor choices and vouchers in schools as people who hate teachers and want to condemn students to over-crowded classrooms?

How do we make sure that we’re producing American energy?” – Translation: How do we reward more of our big donors by putting money into ‘green’ companies that are likely to go bankrupt but at least our donors will be made whole? And how do we continue to blame all of our energy problems and the fact that we have not created a national energy policy on big oil companies?

“How do we lower our debt in a responsible way?” – Translation: How do we further drive a wedge between the 1% and the 99%, and how can we find more opportunities to use the phrase, “everybody gets a fair shot, everybody pays their fair share and everybody plays by the same rules”?

That about sums it up for Obama the divider…

Obama is the most divisive president in history, including Abraham Lincoln. Obama has repeatedly and steadily stoked the fires of racial tension and class warfare, while instating policies that destroy small businesses. There’s a good reason why Obama supported the Occupy Wall Street movement; one of them being he was the leader of Chicago’s Occupy protests several years prior, which was sponsored by the communist party whose stated strategy is to bore within the existing system and create division so that the entire system collapses without anyone being aware of it until the last moment. That is Alinsky 101, to whom Ayers was a devout protégé (no need here to discuss the Ayers and Obama relationship mentorship, which also builds off of the Obama and Frank Marshall Davis mentorship). Just because Obama goes on TV and says one thing, doesn’t mean he’s not going around and DOING the complete opposite. In fact, Obama’s modus operandi. The press loves his perfect president sound bites and the sheeple eat it up. But those of us who actually read the news from numerous sources and follow government issued documents KNOW that he almost always DOES the complete opposite of his perfect president sound bite statements. Yet, 90% of the people fail to see what is going on because they’d rather watch the Kardashians, be consumed by sports on TV, and argue over smaller issues that really have no relevancy to protecting Freedom in the USA and in the world. Obama is the MOST divisive POTUS we’ve ever seen and he is policy by policy, bow by bow, U.N. treaty by U.N. treaty, dismantling the USA because he is an anti-colonialist communist as we was raised by family and circle of close friends who believed and fostered the same anti-American ideology. Time to wake up.


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