Dear President and Lefties I Have Four Questions for You:

Four things I have yet to hear anyone on the left, Obama or otherwise,  address in the public forum:

1.  How do you create a job

2.  How do you save  Medicare

3.  How do you save Social Security

4.  How does four  years of record deficits and record debt lead to prosperity?

Well lefties? What is your response? We have heard the republicans on this, what is your response?

Do you have one?  Or are you going to start ranting about Bush?

Bonus Questions:

What does it say about the incumbent’s job performance that his campaign is so heavily reliant on discussing subjects other than his track record in office? 

Second, what does it say about the president’s challenger that so many of the high-profile attacks against him have been grossly distorted, or entirely fabricated?

We’ll be waiting, but I don’t expect any kind of answer before my son goes to College.  He’s 8 years old right now.


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