So, What do Liberals think of Conservatives?

It seems Liberals purposely confuse these three terms:

a) Old- Experience
b) Stupid- Wisdom
c) Evil-Religious

The left is constantly trying to recruit youth, making their ranks devoid of the wisdom that comes from experience, and their religion is Marxism; really not a lot to like there, so they rely on hype; tough to maintain hype without young, dumb, excitable useful idiots.

What do conservatives think (and we do indeed think) about liberals?
A) Old. Well, no we don’t. Not at all. We know some of them are young, probably too young to know what is going on. But then the young are often more easily duped. We also know that some liberals are old, old to the point of being virtually fossilized!
B) Stupid. Well, again, no. Their ideas are stupid, ill-conceived, communalistic nonsense. Their policies have failed countless times throughout history. We will give liberals credit for having thought processes but they have this blind dedication to failed policy. That is not necessarily stupid, it comes more under category of “insane”.
C) Evil. Sometimes it certainly seems that way. Liberals’ endless quest to confiscate the earnings of others brands them as “greedy” (or “covetous” to use a word from one of the Commandments). The ends liberals seek (such as wanton murder for “inconvenient” children within the womb and the systematic indoctrination of children who do manage to achieve birth) certainly smack of evil.
D) Arrogant. Big one here. We are always told that liberals are the “enlightened ones”, that they are the “smartest of the smart”, that they are the guardians of peace, justice, decency and freedom — despite mountainous evidence to the contrary. And of course, the ones telling us all of the above are also liberals. We see liberals taking over industries and confiscating wealth because they believe they know how to use those resources better, again despite mountains of evidence to the contrary. We see liberals dictating policy and debate is out of the question because “they know better”. We see liberals appointing themselves as the undisputable experts in every field imaginable.
E) Power-mad. Notice that every liberal prescription puts liberals in charge of something. Every liberal plan empowers liberals and entrenches them further in our lives.

Just saw a very recent clip of Nancy Pelosi on the Jimmy Fallon Show. Fallon asks Pelosi what she thinks of Paul Ryan. She replies, he’s probably a nice man, but she doesn’t know him very well. Fallon asks why? She replies “because I have never been to the gym.”

Just amazing. Ryan is widely acknowledged as the House’s foremost number cruncher (that is his job). Yet Pelosi can hurl an insult that isn’t really that bright, because … Ryan goes to the House gym. Hello!! Almost every health care provider that I know these days (talking MDs) either has a gym at home, or goes to a gym. And seen the same thing with Wall Street traders, many have bikes, treadmills and ellipticals in their offices.

I think modern civilization left the Democrat party in the dust about 50 years ago.


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