Obama and his Band of Progressives continue to crush the middle class under their shoes

When the liberal ruling class media say that we have low inflation in this country, the disconnect with reality is jolting. Food prices are high especially things like beef and pork. The cheapest gas in my area is $3.89 and was 30 cents higher two weeks ago. I blame the government for both problems. Turning food into fuel decreases the supply of food and drives up the price. The EPA is doing everything it can to hamper, delay and obstruct the hydraulic fracturing process which has produced the only gains in energy production we have had recently. The Interior Department is slow walking new drilling permits to intentionally decrease oil and gas production. Less oil supply means higher oil and gasoline prices. Oil prices are going up also because traders see that this administration is not serious about energy production. How could any serious or even sane person think that Solyndra was a good idea?

Americans have always been free to go wherever they want, whenever they want. Our freedom of mobility is just killing the progressives. Higher gas prices are a great way to restrict our freedom of movement. There is a lot more to higher fuel prices than meets the eye. Progressives want us to all ride bicycles, even in the winter, or take the bus is absolutely right. People are much easier to control when they’re all crammed into public transportation.

Also somewhat hidden, under the radar the past 10 years, the Canadian Dollar is soaring over the US Dollar. Canada is more of a commodity based economy (huge oil exporter to the U.S.). That makes them a “sound dollar” nation, as compared to our monetary liberals, ivory towers crazies at the FED, and Dem Congress.

Interesting as well that Canadian banking law does not allow homeowners to walk away from a residence, just because it has not worked out well as an investment. In Canada a mortgage is a “recourse loan”. If you borrow it, you have to pay it back. Not so in America. If it didn’t work out, somebody at the bank must have tricked you. I suppose some kind of disappearing ink was used on the mortgage contract. American liberalism has turned the U.S. into a crybaby nation.

For America to get competitive again, the Dems just have to go. And they come in all shapes and sizes. Many of them don’t even know they are Dems at heart.


2 thoughts on “Obama and his Band of Progressives continue to crush the middle class under their shoes

  1. In 1980, avg compensation for CEOs was 40 times that of the average worker; by 2004, it was 500 times, thanks to Reagan, Bush I and Bush II Republican administrations and 12 years of a conservative senate. The rich spend millions on lobbying and supporting candidates. Middle-class income, adjusted for inflation, has flat-lined for 30 years. In other words, the average American worker’s income today, adjusted for inflation, gives him no more buying power thatn in 1979. The upper 1% of the wealthy control 90% of wealth in this country. Think where you would be if you had had to pay only 14% in income tax for your working years and had been able to invest the remainder, like Mr. Romney, whose current plan will cut taxes for the rich by 6% versus 2% for the middle class. Notice, also, how he will not give particulars about his plans, and how he flip-flops on issues, ie, portrays that he is so American, but hides his money in off-shore accounts to avoid paying income tax; supported a women’s right to choose but then said no for even rape and incest then changed that; said he would do away with government-sponsored health care and when that didn’t fly with voters, now said he will make sure people get coverage for pre-existing conditions, but only for those who have had continuous healthcare coverage, so, if you lost your job, you’re SOL; supported a helathcare mandate in Massachusetts, but now does not; supported the McCain Kennedy immigration bill, then proposed 11 million immigrants self-deport (think of how that would work!), but now supports Obama’s recent immigration plan. Mr. Romney will say or offer anything that will get him votes. You can research these statistics for your self. Know what your vote will get you. Republicans have not been good for the middle-class.

    • Okay MR I understand two things:

      1) Most of your comment seems to be from an article posted in 2004.
      2) These are the same damn talking points the DNC/Media Matters been shoving down our throats for about a year now.

      Now here is how I see it. If Obama is reelected we will explode the debt, continue to piss off Israel to the point where they will nuke Iran and send them back to the 7th century and finally evil ObamaCare will come alive in 2014 and bring us to the wonderful world of rationed health care and government death panels.

      Honestly, I can NOT find one redeeming thing about our 45th President. When someone tells me to Vote Obama and I ask “Why?” the conversation dies instantly.

      Why do you care with what Romney does with his money and not give a damn about what Obama does with ours? Don’t things like Solyndra and the Chevy Volt totally piss you off or is Obama your Messiah? He could have animal sacrifices on the WH lawn and you and your ilk would spin it that the Obamas were having a BBQ.

      America dies if Obama is reelected. That is bottom line MR. Research that.

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