Dear Fox News Channel: I really want to LIKE your Liberal Commentators…

But, after Juan Williams writes Democratic Crapola like this for The Hill.  It makes it really hard.

The Hill

This is one dirty campaign.

My fellow Fox political analyst Karl Rove sees the proof in the Obama campaign’s claims that Mitt Romney might be a felon and an Obama super-PAC advertisement blaming Romney for shuttering a factory and leaving a dying woman without health insurance.

 Yes, there is dirt being thrown by the Obama campaign. But one of the biggest chunks of mud is proudly splattered all around the Republican National Convention site.  I refer specifically to signs that read: “We Built It!”

For weeks, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have hammered President Obama for saying, “You didn’t build that.” Obama said those words during a speech arguing that people earning more than $250,000 should pay more taxes.

Full Article Here

If Obama’s statement were out of character and not consistent with his other off-teleprompter statements of note, I’d MAYBE give him a pass as a fluke. However, we know it is very consistent with the other “spread the wealth” thoughts he let slip. And liberals talking about morality? Juan is becoming desperate like many of the talking heads of the left. Romney/Ryan in a landslide.

Juan Williams is becoming a laughing stock. Whenever he has difficulty getting his point across, he reverts to the Bob Beckel philosophy: SHOUT.  FOX better be careful how often they march him out there – his credibility is waning fast and relying on his race won’t hold water for long. You just got to start making some sense!

I find the claim that Romney is a felon to be ironic, in light of Obama’s admission that he has done weed and blow when it was available; such drug use are obvious felonies. I find it also ironic that Obama has never explained when he experienced his “Come to Jesus” moment, when he decided to give up weed and cocaine.

Of all the stupid remarks made by a politician, “you didn’t build that” may be the dumbest. It is offensive to so many people on so many levels. Juan, and his associates, is trying hard to walk back that comment and engage in damage control, but the damage is done. Obama can only make the claim “you didn’t build that” because he has never to my knowledge, built anything.

He didn’t build a tree house. He didn’t run a lemonade stand. He never delivered newspapers. And he knows he is not qualified for the office he holds.

I believe Obama simply related his life experience – where he never had to “build” or ‘do” anything – someone else did it for him. The grandparents that provided for him… the PC universities that rolled out red carpet for him…lib. Professors that gave him unearned grades…the law firm which employed him based on his lib views…on and on. 

Right Now I think Anderson Cooper at CNN Rocks particularly after he plastered Debbie McFrizz to the wall.


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