MesSNBC again proves they are Cartoon Network at the RNC…

I was interested to see how “the loyal opposition” has seen the speeches at the RNC, so shortly after 11:00 each of the past two nights; I have switched over to MSNBC.

Wow. Such hatred. Such snark. Such vitriol.

Rush is right. These people really DO hate America. Anything good, decent and upright? They slam, in the most degrading and ugly terms.

It’s painful to watch the ones who have a shred of decency and journalistic ethics, like Howard Fineman and Tom Brokaw, sweat and fidget while Rachel Mad-cow and Ed Schultz Chris Matthews just RIP on anything Republican. Howard and Tom looked last night they wanted to be ANYWHERE other than where they were.

It was ugly, and bordered on indecent. Maddow and Matthews in particular had a manic gleam in their eyes and were literally frothing at the mouth, giving full throttle to their hatred, anger and vicious slanders.

My only saving thought was that few were watching…..

These are by far the dumbest, most obnoxious people I have ever seen on TV. Chris Mathews is an absolute joke, but don’t kid yourself he gets invited to all of the very best cocktail parties. The stand around telling each other how very smart and elite they are. These people never built anything, never hired a single person, never contributed anything of value to mankind; they are essentially just parasites standing on the sidelines of life. Ignore them they are nothing.

MSNBC is a joke. Their programs are one long Obama ad. I am not sure if Andrea Mitchell was ignorant or trying to be manipulative when she asked Condi Rice if Obama shouldn’t be re-elected on the basis of his foreign policy alone. That is to say, he killed Bin Laden and the ARAB SPRING WAS SUCH A SUCCESS.

Matthews cannot make an inaccurate observation without an insult, and what I think all these prostitutes at MSNBC should do, is watch the new D’Souza movie about Obama. Even they might be taken aback some.


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