Hey Lamestream Media you know it, IT’S ALL OVER!!!

The former main stream “news” media know it’s all over for President You Didn’t Build That and many members of the Democratic Party in Congress. There’s another couple months’ worth of campaigning and propaganda slinging and debating and voting and Democratic Party vote fraud and counting and tallying, but it’s over for all practical purposes. Only the fine particulars are still up in the air. This election is going to deliver good news to America, bad news to the Chicago way.

The shining lights (25- and a few 40-watt bulbs,) of the lickspittle “news” media are already grinding away at lengthy “analyses” of Obama’s defeat, whose top five causes will be:

1. Racism.
2. Racism.
3. Racism.
4. Racism.
5. YDBT was obviously the smartest president and best orator in American history, but he neglected to dumb down his messages enough for the (racist) voters.

Well before the end of President Romney’s first day in office, the so-called “news” papers will be stuffed to bursting with “articles” about rising unemployment, the jobless recovery, Mormon cronyism, the “homeless” no one’s read a word about the past four years, violent crime the Rethuglicans and Mormons aren’t doing anything about because they’re stooges of the NRA, the potential ecological disaster of this, the imminent ecological disaster of that, the looming ecological disaster of twelvety-seventeen other back room conspiracies between big business and the Rethuglican party, the soaring disparity between the richest X percent and the rest of the country, et cetera ad infinitum.

The presstitutes probably won’t call Romney a cowboy; in all other respects, the “news” will be rubber-stamped from the George W. Bush years. If they get desperate for events to cobble together “articles” about, representatives of the Democratic [sic] party and its propagandists will drag out the corpse of anti-war protests and either breathe new life into it or flog it like…

Aw, never mind. Same old sore losers, same old fake complaints and trite clichés. If they were even 2% as intelligent as hateful, the failed “news” media would cook up new lies once in a while.

Romney by 8%, reduced to 5% by Democratic party vote fraud.


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