NBC News Decision 1980 Reagan Wins

I was sitting in my dorm room in college watching this and was disappointed at the time because being the 19 year old idiot I was rooting for Jimmy Carter.  The American people knew better that night and I pray they know better on 11/6/2012 and elect Mitt Romney.  This aired at 7:15 CST.  Fifteen minutes after the Polls closed in the midwest. BTW I will be watching MSNBC that night to see Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz and all of the other characters at Cartoon Network crying their little eyes out because of the horrific defeat of their savior BHO.  YES, I am that sadistic.

PS:  Rachel Maddow you can probably have a full dinner that night.  The results will come in quickly and you won’t have to stay past midnight.


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