Welcome to the Jungle DNC, the Archdiocese of Charlotte and the Catholic Church would like to talk to y’all.

The diocese has suspended two banners on property at St. Peter Catholic Church on South Tryon Street: one on St. Peter’s administrative building and another on a large brick wall adjoining the church.

A six-foot by 10-foot banner will hang from St. Peter’s administrative building, stating: “A Message from the Catholic Church: Religious Liberty, The Soul of Democracy.” This building looks out over The Green between South Tryon and College streets.

A six-foot by 27-foot banner will be posted on a large brick wall behind the church, and will read: “A Message from the Catholic Church: Protect the Unborn, Defend Marriage, and Safeguard Religious Liberty.”

This wall faces an area designated as The Legacy Village, where Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx will host special guests during the convention to highlight community efforts to support Foxx’s Legacy Projects. Some of the topics that will be discussed in programs there will address children, families, youth employment, civic education, the economy, energy, technology and sustainability.

These very visible banners are meant to provoke dialogue and encourage evangelization, diocesan officials said, during a time when the national spotlight will shine on Charlotte like never before.

The “Silent Scream” (an anti-abortion film produced some years ago) is silent no more. The pro-life movement is giving a voice to those millions of babies that have been murdered in the abortion industry.

This is reminiscent to me at least of the statement Jesus made to the Jewish leaders who told Him to tell His followers to be quiet when He rode into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. He said, “If these be silent the stones would cry out.” Truth cannot be silenced regarding the One who came to speak the truth to mankind, but it will be echoed in the very substance of creation affirming it. Likewise an evil as ghastly as abortion cannot be silenced, but creation demands its condemnation.

The God who created life says, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay.” We must all appear before Him to receive payment for what we have done in this life.

Pray that this demonstration of compassion be received not with derision but bring repentance to those who are tempted to abort their children. God save us from this evil and bless our nation with healing.

We must accept that the leftist media is “all in” to build a facade that this is the most awesome, stimulating and open convention ever. Watching and reading the MSM will convey the feeling that this event is of earth shaking importance and launches the second term of Obama in a feel good festival of make believe. The scary thing, the sheeple will buy it lock stock and barrel.

I don’t think we’ll see the signs that the Catholic Church has suspended from their buildings in ANY mainstream media coverage of the Democrat convention. Neither will there be any coverage of pro-life demonstrations or right to work (anti-union) demonstrations nor will anything else that would disturb what be a whitewashed and faked portrayal of a unanimous love fest.

The facade of adulation and monolithic support for our savior in chief will be fiercely protected and presented by every lamestream media outlet.

This convention will be fake Greek columns on steroids

God bless the U.S.A.


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