Progressives/Libs/Democrats: Still hating the white, rich heterosexual male

Today more than ever there is discrimination and intolerance from the left on the heterosexual white male. They forgot to add anything about religion or “the rich” in their deluded chant. If this country is going to move “Forward” these are the types of people that need to be scraped off the show of freedom before tracking their vile indignant garbage into the house of freedom.

SOCIALISTS are always intolerant of any form of criticism or dissent. EVERY place that SOCIALISM has been tried has resulted in some form of a HOLLOCAUST. The National SOCIALISTS may be the most renowned for such a result, but he MARXIST SOCIALISTS in the former Soviet Union are a close competitor. Maoist SOCIALISTS in China, with their death record of around 50-MILLION, probably wins the SOCIALIST DEATH TOURNAMENT to date. But, SOCALISTS are still out there killing their enemies and perceived enemies. Our American LIBERAL SOCIALISTS would gladly KILL or INCARCERATE their enemies if they could. Under a new 0bama term, I expect the CAMPS may well open and the firing squads organized. The FEAR that SOCIALISTS have regarding Conservatives, Conservative Voices and Conservative VALUES is real and it eats at them to the point where they may well become violent and vindictive if allowed a SECOND TERM.

The Left has been lying since before Stalin, before Lenin, and for-sure before Hitler, always making sure it had the press on its side. Now, with technology (surprisingly) working on the side of truth, we get to hear BOTH sides and make up our own minds. A Cronkite could today tell us, “And that’s the way it is,” and we can answer, “Oh, no, it isn’t.”

The Left gets shriller and zanier as its control of the media slips. The name-calling and childish behavior; not to mention the vicious behavior – get noticed now for what they are; childishness and viciousness; and contrasted with the decorum on the Right. Nor Romney nor Ryan can even be imagined uttering the F-bomb, or scratching a cheek with a middle finger as Obama did back in 08.

We’re winning big time, and now we have to worry about the Left coming completely unhinged. Clinton was lawless, but he was basically about Clinton. Obama, on the other hand, is about an ideology, and he has used his four years to pipe venom into the country in general and the DOJ in particular.

I do not expect Obama and Crowd to go quietly. I think he will try, first, to steal the election and, failing in that, try to get away with a declaration of martial law under which he will incite nationwide riots and declare elections suspended – after which of course they’ll never return.

Many democrats come from sheltered worlds where their views are never seriously challenged, particularly academia. Almost to a person the faculty will think and talk the same. As to the students, they have either had their brains turned to mush so they parrot the liberal refrains or they are so cowed by fear of bad grades or ridicule that they remain silent. When seriously challenged, these Professors really don’t know how to respond, it happens so seldom, so they use the tiresome racists, sexist, bigot response; so much for the value of modern education.

Be ready, folks. One hopes – I certainly hope – that this scenario doesn’t play out. But the Left has given us every reason to expect something like it.


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