DNC Convention Conclusion – Their Collective Cheese has completely fallen off their Statist Cracker

The truly astounding thing regarding the Dem convention was the comments of the leftist Kool-Aid drinkers afterward on various sites. “This is how you run a convention, Republicans!” was a common theme. The Republican convention was all about American exceptionalism, our can-do spirit if we just get government out of the way, our desire to see every one of every race, gender; creed and orientation succeed and achieve the American dream on their own volition. It was a celebration of success and overcoming obstacles to find happiness and be productive citizens. It was about social and economic mobility. It was about getting the massive leviathan of a government out of every facet of our lives.

Contrast that with the Democrats convention- it was a celebration of Statism, with one government official after the next touting the benefits of one government program after another and the need for more of them: government provided birth control and abortion, government loans for school, business and home ownership; government healthcare, government enforced pay equality, government control of industry and banking, government cars, day care, food and diet programs; government control of the environment, energy and food production; the list of things the government ought to be doing or doing more of was endless. And then of course we find out that “Government is the one thing we all belong to.”

One question I ask my liberal friends and have yet to receive an answer is this: when did liberalism become synonymous with statism?

I remember as a young extremely naïve liberal back in the 70s and 80s, being pro-abortion, pro-drug use, anti- war, pro civil rights and supporting help for the poor, being pro-government health care. But I and every liberal I knew then believed in self-determination, class mobility, free enterprise, did not believe that being rich was equal to being evil, and did not believe that Government should take care of all of us from cradle to grave. We were deeply mistrustful of government. If people needed government help, it should be there, we thought, but it shouldn’t be everybody. We wanted as little to do with government as possible, many of us working under the table jobs or bartering, basically living off the grid out from under the watchful eye of government.

But somehow, something changed and liberals morphed into statists. They became proponents of government control of everything. It is the major division that exists between today’s liberals and conservatives. If one wants confirmation of that, just observe how any suggestion of doing away with or trying to change or fix a government program is met, even if it is going broke and will cause untold misery when it collapses. We’re accused of being people who want to shove octogenarians over cliffs, wanting to see blacks lynched and back in chains, and forcing women to inflict coat hanger abortions on themselves. How on earth do we reason with this kind of thinking?


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