Chase Quickpay Ad Video – “Nana”

This has nothing to do with politics.  This ad for Chase Quickpay just really pisses me off….

Scenario:  A teenager is having a birthday party.  “Nana” walks over and says “Happy Birthday” to him.  Kid opens birthday card and there is nothing in it.  Kid looks disappointed and has a pie-faced “Cheap Bitch” look to him .  Nana points to the table where the kid looks at his Smart Phone or whatever and realizes Nana has just deposited $100 in his account using Chase Quickpay.  The boy is happy now and thanks Nana.Chase is obviously playing to “where’s mine” generation.  If I were Nana and my grandkid gave me that look about getting nothing in his birthday card.  A tongue lashing would come.  Something like: 

Hey you little shit Nana is BROKE, BROKE I tell you.  I am paying for your no-account POS uncle’s 7th rehab visit for Heroin addiction.  Your aunt is always needing money to pay down her GD Discover card so she can charge more and receive only the best in usury interest rates.  Finally you little ungrateful “mine-mine-mine” POS grandson your grandpa died broke because he embezzled from his last employer and they took all of his retirement money for settlement.

Grow up and fly right GRANDSON or next time I bring out the whoop ass.

But, hey that is just me.


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