What the heck does President Obama’s “Forward” slogan mean?

Forward means? Forward means whatever anyone wants it to mean. Forward, progress, onward, keep going, go this way, drive on, etc.; forward as progress means nothing. Capitalism is progress. Entrepreneurship is progress. Individualism is progress. Logic is progress. Rational thought is progress. School choice is progress. Charter schools and magnet schools are progress. Online and virtual learning are progress. Capitalism taught in our public schools would be progress. Limited government is progress. Legal honest constitutional government is progress. Liberal Elites like Obama/Osama/ObaMarx believe progress is when they get to rule the world. They want to be dictators, statists, totalitarians, royalty, and fascists. Liberal Elites are really turning back the clock in very horrific ways.

Forward in Obama/Progressive/Bizarro World also means  allowing surviving babies of botched abortions to die, attempting to stop Boeing from building a plant in So. Car., In favor of Same Sex marriages, Stopped the Keystone pipeline from being built, bowing to the Saudi King, sending money to Brazil to help off shore drilling, banning off shore drilling in the Gulf, wants Israel to go back to 1967 borders, lost Egypt to the Muslim Brotherhood, did not back an uprising in Iran to overthrow the mullahs, shipping guns to Mexican criminals, etc.

A more appropriate slogan for the dimwits would be DOWNWARD….of course they would never use anything so close to the truth. Romney/Ryan’s slogan BELIEVE IN AMERICA reflects a more positive idea and is a simple message that connects us to our heritage. Obama has NO such connection so he must come up with these slogans used in the past by radicals and communists to set himself apart from America. FORWARD means to me: Faithless – Obama – Radicals -Waging – Assaults on – Religion and – Democracy! We have never had a more obvious distinction between the two parties as we do now. I believe there are some Democrats who still don’t even realize what has happened to their party….or maybe they just don’t care. I would have never believed Americans could be so blind as to accept a tyrant in our WH, but I do believe in restoration and the one thing that polls do not account for is the power of prayer and the intervention of GOD! That is what gives me HOPE!


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