Is it already too late for the US no matter who is President in 2013? Or, has Obama totally FUBARed the Republic?


1. Do ILLEGALS pay TAXES that fund our infrastructure, government, and social programs that they take advantage of? By US paying for their food, rent, school, and other services, they then send that unspent BILLIONS back home. That’s called Obama’s “Mexican Reinvestment Act” but legal Americans to send funds to their families all over the world.

2. Cheaply made products from China, India, Vietnam and all other countries aiding Obama’s WAR ON AMERICA!

3. Add to that our dollar exports to OIL DICTATORS THAT HATE US while at the same time Obama has his own War on Oil using moratoriums, regulations, while at the same time he has a War on Coal, and funding his Green Energy programs that so far have been total flops, and cons, including his praised GM auto bailout that funded the Chevy Volt that GM loses about $49,000 per car. He has also imposed an impossible gas mileage on autos that motorcycles barely make.

4. The end of the SHUTTLE PROGRAM and now we have to rely on Ru$$ia to get supplies and personnel to the space station.

WHAT IS THE TOTAL EXPORTS OF OUR DOLLARS? Just look at the trade deficits between us and China alone and then to OPEC.


1. Close our borders. DEPORT ALL ILLEGALS PERIOD. E-Verify.

2. BRING OUR FACTORIES HOME and to our hemisphere. UNIONS, who demand more and more for less and less work, blackmail company owners who just give up and just move their company overseas so they don’t have to deal with these MARXIST MAFIAS and government regulations and taxes. They could at least bring their companies to our hemisphere like to Mexico, Central America, and Haiti. If they have jobs there, maybe they won’t come here. Also, isn’t it cheaper to send goods across the Rio Grande than it does across the Pacific?

3. DRILL HERE, DRILL NOW! Drill in the Gulf, ANWAR, and approve Keystone, coal, natural gas, and more nuclear plants. Begin a MANHATTAN PROJECT NUMBER TWO to invent that new technology that will end the dependence on oil altogether. Is it a new battery that can last thousands of miles on one charge? A new fuel additive?


The Reality.

The administration has put into place so many poison pills for the next administration that is will be very difficult to overcome them….unless the conservatives sweep the elections, and have enough of a backbone to undo all of the damage that has been put into place. And, because of our inept public education system, combined with the promise of free stuff, approximately half of the country does not understand that real poverty will skyrocket and the nation will be in much worse of a fiscal mess if we continue down the same road. The Obama supporters still do not understand that the coming inflation will hurt the lowest wage earners, and those on fixed incomes the most. Anybody who is thinking of retiring soon may want to postpone that move until all of the financial instability gets on solid ground again. If it does not, then a few extra years of adding to a nest egg is not a bad thing to help soften the financial mess that is looming…and it will affect everybody in a very real and negative sense. Taxmageddon in January will open the eyes of many, and this move that was planned for after the election, shows that the government believes that most people are too stupid to realize what is coming. They may be right.


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