The only people who SHOULD be voting for Obama are his friends, relatives (not so sure) and cronies.. Everyone else I ask what the hell man?

How can anyone who:

Drives a car or truck
Has student loan bills, but no job
Works in a coal or other mine, farms, or fishes
Works in oil and gas industry
Works in coal fired energy business
Worships in the Catholic or conservative Christian Church
Worships in a Synagogue
Has any bit or wealth

Vote for Obama as he’s wrecking ball President. Wrecking the American dream, spending us into oblivion, and downsizing our military while the world becomes more dangerous.

The unthinking clones of the left will still vote for the Democrat, his record and common sense is damned. It’s their own philosophy, not O’s job performance that drives them to their own self-destruction. Democrat voter turnout will be diminished, but you must remember that Ohio will be won in the cities, Columbus and Cleveland. Pennsylvania will be won in the cities, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. These are still liberal and union Democrat strongholds and no strangers to widespread voter fraud and intimidation. Do not take this election for granted. The key to winning this election is making sure every conservative votes, and getting the anti-Obama independent voters to the polls.

Romney is no Reagan and this election is certainly not Reagan-Carter, but there are similarities in the media shrill in favor of a lost cause. However, make no mistake. There will be no landslide. It will be closer than we like, but victory should be decisive enough to avoid another Bush-Gore fiasco.

The sad tale of America is that it should not even be close, and the election should be a landslide, but in the land of haves vs. have nots, we are at war with ourselves. Had there been a true conservative candidate, it might have been different, but the GOP was more interested in winning the White House for only 4 years, than doing what is best for the country for the next 25 years. The Senate elections will tell the tale. Repeal Obamacare; interstate competition on insurance. Free market solutions. Deregulation. Reducing tax rates across the board (for the 50% who still pay taxes). Reducing government salaries and benefits to put a stop to the government pension racket. Downsizing government — consider wholesale elimination of the Depts. of Energy and Education. Reduce HUD by 50%. Let’s take better care of our Veterans.

When November is over, and Obama’s toll of destruction is finally tallied at noon on January 20, 2013, we must keep our own counsel and keep close watch on the new right wing “big government” spenders to prevent them from spending, spending, spending for their own favorite causes. And they will.

That’s my two cents and I’m sticking to it. Our nation’s fate is in our own hands and the Man upstairs. God’s will be done.


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