Democrats don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground

In yet another major miscalculation by the progressives, a dynamic world; much like they misdiagnose economic policy by continuing to use the infantile static weighting methodology to gauge effect (basically refusing to factor in behavior changes brought about by their ALWAYS disaster-producing policies), they also forget that, even wounded, the American Free Enterprise system is still a beacon of light in a dismal world. The best-and-brightest, the risk-takers from every country in the World still flock to our shores and become citizens. And this is significant.

Another reading of Jefferson’s “… Tree of Liberty being watered by the blood of patriots…” admonishment is that the Tree of Liberty (America) is contently being watered by the new-blood of immigrant (they don’t all come for free stuff!) new citizens. These folks aren’t 5-10 generations away from the tyrannical depredations of evil, many escaped it themselves. And they vote. And they see in the American government today the horrors they left behind. And they vote.

And as I’ve admonished in other Comments, ignore the progressives as you ignore Islamists. Turn from them and deny them the benefits of America. It can be done. Throw them out of office. Ignore their MSM Pravda. Turn off the TV (easier than you think, cheaper too). There are plenty of alternatives for more accurate news, use them.

Don’t despair, we may be bloodied and resting on one knee, but America always WINS.

Why would now be any different?

Most people want to be liked and avoid confrontation if possible. We have all been tarred and feathered by the left telling us we are raciest. We know that to be untrue but we also know that you cannot have a civil conversation with a liberal, they deteriorate into BS and name calling within seconds. Therefore if we do answer a poll there is a knee jerk reaction to say that Obama is a nice guy and we like Obama much like “some of our best friends are black” thinking. I am over 60 and buy none of the scam that Republicans are destroying Medicare or SS. Right now I would accept an extension of a year or two to quality for both programs and delay entrance to both programs.

The Obama white house has the wheels coming off at every level and we are told he is winning; they are controlling the message buying polls and passing the results to the media. The actions of the Obama campaign speak so loudly I cannot hear what they say. They behave like a campaign in trouble. It would be like a runner in a 5K race limping along and telegraphing to everyone at the finish line that all is OK and they will win. Is the Romney campaign doing everything I want them to do, no? But one thing I do know is that Mitt is a winner, he knows how to run things and the best thing to do right now is to give Obama no real substance to skew and defame Romney with, no REAL unforced errors.


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