To sum it all up then…

Well, let’s see: in four years, the price of gas has more than doubled, home values have fallen to less than half what they were, the REAL unemployment figures hover around 11-14%, the government has grown larger, the executive branch has seized more power by fiat, unelected bureaucrats have created hundreds more regulations with the force of law, the debt has increased another 5 trillion dollars, we have had a government healthcare bill rammed down our throats that no one read or can explain, the middle east is on fire, we have snubbed our allies England and Israel, we have weakened the US militarily and as a world leader by our incessant apologizing, we have set the scene to trigger our own Weimar Republic and its runaway inflation with QE3, we have stymied growth, made investing high risk, and have put the future of the republic in jeopardy.

If Obama is re-elected (let’s hope not) then the fundamental change of America will begin it’s grand march over the cliff as he obviously has no concern for the debt of the U.S. and will only double down on through entitlements/redistribution, rule by decree and the disarmament of our once proud nation.

If he is not elected, the progressives will be back to fight another day. In my view it is a matter of time before they achieve their stated goals. Of course ultimately their Utopian state will fail.

Fortunately for us, the media is on the job to get to the real root of the problem: Mitt Romney.

God help us.


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