Why did you vote for Obama last time? Feelings? White Guilt? Someone in Hollyweird told you so?

When Americans voted for Obama in the last election, they were voting for an idea. The man had no record to speak of although he had shadowy associations and a hidden past. But many well-meaning folks bought his flowing rhetoric and pulled the lever for him.

This time is very different. He has an unbroken record of failure and inadequacy as president. He has shown that imposing socialism is his primary goal, whatever the economic cost. He has dissed allies and bowed to foreign tyrants. In fact he is showing the narcissistic mindset of the tyrant himself.

Americans voted for the fraud currently in the White House based on “feelings”. An idea would indicate a thought- something as a result of going through a logical process. Anyone who had given a minute’s thought to Obama would not have voted for him because there was nothing substantive in his record for him to run on. He is nothing but a puppet with big ears and the gift of gab.

His father’s skin color and white guilt got him elected last time. It certainly was not the fact that he voted “Present” in the senate. No one checked his record; they just took it for granted that the MSM calling him the smartest man in the room was true.

This time it is much different fools, the “entitlement generation”, and socialists will be the only ones voting for him this time.

I would encourage people who are thinking of voting for him to stay home and see how the election turns out. We still don’t know him- only what his record of the past 3.5 years has been (which is disastrous). We still don’t know how he got in the elite schools with his mediocre grades and attitude, we don’t know if he was considered a foreign student, (and if so, why is he eligible to be president?), and we don’t know why he has a Connecticut SSN.

Never underestimate the capacity for a liberal to believe their own lies mere moments after they, themselves, utter them. This is because leftists need to believe them or else they’d have to face the fact that their ideas and policies are bad, and that they’d have to reevaluate them on their merits.

The leftist is a narcissist; this is rooted in a negative. He wants what he wants what he wants, and if he doesn’t get what he wants, he will whine, he will moan, he will protest, he will tell lies, he will establish a narrative, all to get what he wants. When he doesn’t get what he wants, he takes it personally. A conservative merely tries to understand better the circumstances, evaluates what he wants, and adapts accordingly.

My analogy of the car running on sand is apt here. The leftist … (show more) wants his car to run on sand. If it doesn’t run on sand, he cries foul, blaming the rich for wanting more money, and calls anyone racist, sexist, bigoted, or homophobic who try to point out the folly of his desire. No rational argument will suffice. He wants what he wants what he wants, reality be damned.

A vote for Obama is no longer voting for an idea. It’s an eyes wide open vote for socialism and soft tyranny; and for more of the last 4 years of economic misery.

So vote for him or don’t vote for him, it’s your choice. But don’t say you don’t know him.


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