Some suggested amendments to our Constitution

Here are a few suggested amendments to our Constitution:

1.    Term limits on Congress, and Federal Judges. A life time service limit for those working in the Federal bureaucracy. This amendment would also require proof of eligibility for service in the Congress as well as the Presidency. No personal records will be allowed to be sealed except those pertaining to minor children. Members of Congress shall be required to live under the same laws that they pass and require the rest of us to live by.

 2.  Further defining the Commerce Clause. Congress has long used this clause to steal power and rights from the people.

3.  A Balance Budget Amendment. The Federal Budget would be limited to a specified percentage of GDP.

4.  Further defining what it is to be a Citizen of the United States.

5.  Raising the age at which people gain the right to vote and putting educational requirements for that privilege; i.e. passing a basic civics exam such as those given to people seeking U.S. citizenship.

6.  A 10% Flat Income Tax for Business as well as private citizens. This amendment would eliminate the death tax as well as Capital Gains taxes.

How about this….let’s write a balanced budget amendment with future debts and outlays to be no more than 30% of GDP. Empower states to recall senators by striking down the 17th amendment and change their term to no more than 3 years. All federal departments that have state equivalents need to be eliminated. When our agriculture department has more employees than there are farmers we know we have a problem. We also need to break the back of all public sector unions. They lead to corruption and destroy the morals of the employees they supposedly serve. Even FDR warned against public sector unions. Look what unions did to our steel and auto industries. Look at public education. The unions could give a crap that our kids are being taught to the lowest common denominator. If you choose to home school or go to private school, you end up paying twice for education. Once through taxes and then again as the bills come due for doing the right thing for your kid.

No one who has ever served or worked in government will be allowed to participate in this convention. No college professors will be allowed to serve either. Only business men and women as well as regular working people need apply.


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