Okay, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan here is my view on what you are facing…

The main problem is that Obama is just a symptom; the Democrat party is the problem. The Democrats vetted him to whatever lengths they believed to be sufficient. They had every opportunity to discover his history and they either did so and agree with it or they as a party in its entirety are inept and should not be given the car keys of the average family in America much less any position of power at any level of government. The democrat party has nominated him again as the candidate knowing everything they know about the economy, international and domestic relations.

The Democrat Party needs to be the target of the election and to tie the entire democrat party to the ineptness of this government. To do less will be to offer some opportunity for democrats to succeed at electing some to congress and some to the senate. Every congressional seat contest needs to include descriptions of democrat ineptness as a whole. Every senatorial seat needs to point out democrat ineptness as a whole. Nationalizing the issues in every race possible needs to be woven together.

If the Democrats hold either house or the presidency we will end up with a government that cannot function, our differences with DEMOCRATS have gone beyond those that can be negotiated. The Democrat Party stands in conflict with the constitution. They need the constitution to be a living document so that they can kill it, Obama said as much in the 2001 radio talk show in Chicago. The democrat party, (liberals, progressives, socialists, communists, Marxists, Maoists they are all the same in the current democrat party) are the reason for our economic issues. Follow any American problem back far enough and you will find blue fingerprints all over it along with a couple of RINOS. The community redevelopment act passed under Carter and expanded under Clinton caused the 2008 economic meltdown. Boot licking and appeasing radical Islam brought on the destruction and death of the recent years. LBJ established the policy that raided the social security fund to cover up his wasteful spending. Every democrat needs to keep certain segments of the population in squalor to maintain a voting bloc. Every policy in the democrat party is defined by race; if it that is not racism then I do not know racism when I see it. The democrats are the party of “nothing but trouble” and need to be labeled that way.

Got it, let’s kick some ass, expose Obama and bring home the GOLD!!!!


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