Barack “You Didn’t Build That!” Obama is really the “You don’t own that!” president.

Consider This:

If you are manufacturer like Boeing, the Obama administration tells you where you can of can’t build a factory. (Unless you pay up.)

If you are a bondholder in a large, unionized company, rule of law does not apply.  (GM, Chrysler .. but bankruptcy is okay for less visible Delphi, United Airlines, etc.)

If you build automobiles, you need to get to 50 mpg, whether the consumer wants it or not, after all the government kept you out of bankruptcy (well, Ford, whatever, play along – or else – you evil capitalists, okay?).

If you are a bank, you need to set aside an office for a government official to monitor your lending practices.  Oh, and monthly fees? – Uncle Sam is watching that, too.  Don’t even bother making mortgage loans, that is all taken care of by Freddie and Fannie – government-owned, of course. 

Going to college?  Come see your friendly Uncle Sam – whatever degree you want at a favored school, at low-low interest rates.  Don’t bother getting a high paying job, just join the a government union and those loans will be forgiven …once your pension is vested …

If you are a health insurer, you are now basically a billing agency for the government – rates, plans and  profits are all set by the administration.

Want to go into the energy business?  Don’t even think about drilling for oil in the GOM or off California or Alaska.  Then just try to get your product to market.  Want to upgrade your coal plant?  Heck, might as well just demolish it …

The list goes on and on …

Remember this Folks, a vote for anyone other than Romney/Ryan is a vote for the (Used Car Salesman & His Pet Mascot) i.e. Obama/OBiden.


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