SOOOOO…. I have a question for the Lamestream Media

Last week you did not cover that the Obungle Administration lied about the attack on our Ambassadors in Benghazi, that it was indeed a terrorist attack.  Not a bunch of drunken, neighborhood kids who were angry about a poorly made anti-Mohammed YouTube video.

Last week you did not report that the second quarter GDP was revised DOWN from 1.7% growth to 1.3% growth.

Last week you edited a video from a Mitt Romney rally where it looked like that Mitt Romney was so pathetic and sad that he changed the chants from “Ryan” to “Romney-Ryan”.  When it fact they were chanting “Romney” and Mitt Romney had them chant “Romney-Ryan”.

Look everyone and their momma knows you are in the bag for your savior Barack Obama.  My question is if Obama was sacrificing puppies to a giant Pentangle altar on the West Lawn of the White House, would you report it and say that the Obamas were having a BBQ?


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