AFSCME Exploits Mitt Romney’s Trash Collector


Richard is a City of San Diego sanitation worker whose route includes Mitt Romney’s $12 million oceanfront villa in La Jolla, Calif. This is his story.

A pro-Obama group actually enlisted Mitt Romney’s garbage man to trash Romney for not shaking his hand or giving him a hug. Seriously.

A few things:

 1. Richard Hayes isn’t forced to be a sanitation worker, he chose to take the job he has. If he doesn’t like it, he has the option to do something else that doesn’t require picking up “Mitt Romney’s trash.”

 2. Any person who lives in the city and not in the middle of nowhere, has a trash pickup service they pay for through taxes and a monthly bill. Having your trash picked up is not a “1 percenter” thing.

 3. Hayes makes $50,000 a year, not including benefits, to do his job according to the City of San Diego.

4. It is interesting the video above doesn’t actually show Hayes lifting “12 tons of trash” by “hand.”

So do we need to start a “NATIONAL HUG YOUR GARBAGE MAN DAY?”

There are 23 million people in America without a job so I would imagine most of them would love to have a $50K per year job with benefits and a nice fat retirement plan. I doubt if this ad is going to gain a lot of sympathy.

With the financial disaster looming for our country, we have a lot of debate about public sector unions raping the tax payers with the help of their Democrat politicians.

 I notice that video posts like this always list the hard working union members salary sans benefits. I wonder why they don’t want to include just what the tax payers are funding in benefit packages for these hard working union members. Teachers, Federal employees, always list their incomes as “plus benefits”.

Maybe it’s because so many States are going broke, because they can’t fund all those promised benefits. Our Treasury isn’t far behind with $16 Trillion debt they will admit to.

Richard, I can only express my concern by telling you flat out…..  I am 51 years old and I had a stroke 2 years ago when I was 49.  I let my weight and BP get out of control.  Stop letting the Democraphead Party slowly murder you and get yourself straight to a top quality cardiologist today. Make sure you are put on a good quality cholesterol lowering drug, and reduce those fat filled pork ribs to no more than a small portion once every six months.  It’s a daily struggle and it takes a lot work, concentration and will power to do it.

Or I promise, you won’t see 55.


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