What Mitt Romney should ask Obama tonight at the Debates

While “thinking” voters who are actually concerned with the way things are going with our country and its foreign policy would really appreciate the author’s scenario, the real Obama supporters who vote with their “feelings” would say that the President was entrapped by trick questions. The fact that Obama does not know his butt from first base when it comes to anything except drone strikes and what he is told by his advisors (who also don’t know their butts from first base), makes no difference to the “feelers”, as they want to give away the advantage in superior firepower as it is.

Questions to President Obama should be:

1. “Do you have to pass a drug test to retain your job as a federal employee? Members of the military do. You’re the ‘Commander-in-Chief.’ Do you lead by example?”

2. “Since people working in both the public and private sector are required to take random drug tests as a condition of employment, don’t you feel that recipients of welfare, food stamps, and Medicaid need to take drug tests to be able to receive government money?”

3. “If the Affordable Healthcare Act is going to issue an ID card, and everyone is required to have healthcare under this act, could this ID also be used for VOTER identification? Explain how the card provided at government expense, would disenfranchise anyone who was attempting to vote legally.”

 4. “Why are my tax returns so important, when I paid taxes? Even at a reduced rate, my contribution to the government coffers was substantial. Is that the best dirt you could dig up on me? Now that you have opened the can of worms about documentation, let’s move on to question 5.”

5. “Why have you spent so much money sealing your records and hiding your past from the American people? What could be such a secret that the ‘smartest man in the room’ must lock away his college transcripts, his real birth certificate, his student aid information, his passport information, and his Social Security card details? It seems that the president who promised to have the ‘most transparent presidency ever’ has a lot to hide. We are not even addressing the CSPAN access to important discussions that were not allowed as promised. Care to comment on that?”

Or maybe these set of questions:

1)    Why are you in the bag for George Soros?

 2)    When did you last use cocaine?

 3)    Given the failures of Soviet Communism and German and Italian National Socialism, what makes you think socialism and redistribution of private property is the way to move America forward?

And if Obama can’t or won’t answer those questions, Romney could pose one last question.

“What is George Clooney’s personal phone number”? 

Now that question he may be able to give an answer to.


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