Obama gets ass kicked by Romney in Debate

This debate brought out the true Obama, a community organizer. Community organizers don’t deal in facts, they deal with issues near and dear to them. They use scare tactics and threats to pass their agendas. They rely on the media to promote their causes and get away without dealing with facts. And when things go bad (financial crash), the media blames the same group that was bullied to do the work of the community organizers.

Romney can destroy 0bama on foreign policy, too; there is so much to use against him it’s hard to know even where to begin. 0bama has caused the Middle East to explode and burn. His Administration clearly lied about the Benghazi attack, and he knows it. I will go further and say that 0bama did not even appear to be the least upset or fazed by the fact that his Ambassador and three other diplomats were murdered. He showed NO emotion at all. That, to me, is incredibly disturbing, a President with no empathy or compassion, just stone cold and psychopathic.

Mark Levin has commented on 0bama’s 2007 speech, saying, “This is an evil speech full of lies, hate, and racism. I have never seen a president lower himself to this point. Pure demagoguery. Rather than dismiss or downplay this speech, as the big media and some foolish Republicans would have us do, everyone should watch it. Obama is not fit, by temperament, psychology, or motive, to be leading this great nation. We have it within our power, this November, to change course with our votes.” I think that about sums it up.

I can’t wait for the foreign policy debate….Obama: Al Qaeda is on the run and Bin Laden is dead….Mitt’s rebuttal: Mr. President Please explain to the American people Ambassador Chris Stevens Death? Where did AL Qaeda get the weapons to ambush him? Please explain to the American people why your administration ignored your ambassador’s request for increased security? I will give you all the time you need.

What’s the one thing Obama cannot run away from, no matter what? The debt/energy/jobs. Obama will need to do a complete 180 and start approving things fast in order to have a good chance of winning…one of which will be approving Keystone at least to the Northern Plains and then fast-tracking new refineries there.

The debt, however, will sink Obama. That said, in the Electoral College, this likely will still be close…closer than it should have been.


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