Does Obama want to be POTUS anymore? Did he ever want to be in the first place?

Obama was never interested in being President, the guy who has to work and persuade to get his agenda passed. He wanted to be “The Leader,” they guy who would provide the grand vision and all his loyal minions would scurry around to carry out his every wish.

Obama cannot compromise; he, like all leftists, sees “selling out” and the worst sin they can commit. Throughout his administration it has been “my way or the highway” exemplified by his statement “I won.” When people agree with him, he is happy; when they don’t he gets mad or depressed.

He didn’t present any new ideas at the debate because he doesn’t have any new ideas. “Trickle-down Government” is an apt description of Obama’s world view; we all belong to the government and all good things come from the government.

Wednesday, perhaps for the first time in his life, he came face to face with a capable, highly intelligent “self-made” man whose very existence refutes Obama’s core beliefs. He had no answer. Today he continued on the campaign trail, telling essentially the same lies that he has told so many times before. We’ll see how much heart he can put into the effort.

Watching him on Wednesday I wondered if the rumors are true, that Obama doesn’t really WANT to be reelected. Michelle and her mother are very anxious to move to their new $35MM estate in Hawaii and get out of the “federal prison” of the White House. If you read the book “Game Change” you know that Obama only ran in 2008 as a big “FU” to Harry Reid for telling him he wasn’t impressed with the new black “Wonder Boy” and it would be YEARS before Obama got any decent committee assignments. Obama has never been one to sit back and pay his dues. But these days he looks ill and disengaged – except when he is in front of an adoring crowd. And even the adoring crowds have gotten smaller. Maybe Obama is just going through the motions now. He likes to campaign and go to fundraisers, ’cause those are his peeps. And once people donate to a candidate, is it true that those funds, if there are any left over at the end of a campaign, can find their way into the candidate’s own pockets? So there would be millions of reasons to continue to campaign but then blow the election if he just wants to move to Hawaii in January. He can pay back those donors who require quid pro quo by executive order between November 7 and January 20th.


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