First debate proved it: Without MSM President Obama is nothing but Harvey the Rabbit…

Anyone who has ever raised kids knows you can’t constantly build up their self-esteem absent any accomplishment, heap praise on them continually, cover for their mistakes, assume their responsibilities, and defend them when they’re wrong, and make excuses for their failures and expect them to turn out as responsible, mature functioning adults. Yet this is what the media and the leftist political establishment has done with Obama from the beginning. He has never really had to work at anything, his liabilities have been covered up, his mistakes have been denied and turned on the opposition, his failure has been justified and explained away, and his enormous ego has been preserved and remains intact.

Until last Wednesday, that is, when left to fend for himself against a true Adult in the form of Mitt Romney, he found himself completely in over his head and clearly not up to the challenge. And in his one opportunity to learn a valuable life lesson, and re-evaluate, he chose instead to childishly lash out, blame everyone and everything but himself, accuse Romney of being a liar, and let his protectors rush to the rescue to carry his water and make excuses for him. I do believe this is becoming so painfully obvious now that not even his biggest cheerleaders like the HuffPo can deny it any longer. The debate was the turning point in a lot of ways- not the least of which was showing both Romney and Obama to be who they really are.

Never in the history of this great nation have we had a president in office who has so abused his position of power. Instead of helping businesses and people he sent the IRS, EPA and DOJ after them. He made Richard Nixon look like a saint. A lot of people like to say Obama is nice. No Obama is not nice. A man with love, honesty and good character would have been ashamed to use the tactics this president has used against the people of this nation. This kind of abuse of power is what madmen use against the people of their country. It is not concern for their livelihoods, yeah the only concern Obama and his wife have shown while in office is plundering the hard earned money of taxpayers. The black community is suffering the most. What could have this man done to encourage jobs for them. Training programs could have been started for people out of work, jobs in the private sector could have been obtained by giving credits to businesses for hiring out of work people, churches could have been given grants to help feed and clothe the poor while feeding them some kind of spiritual food. Good could have come from this man. May God help his soul. Romney showed in the debates that not only is he smart but he is a good man, who loves his country, has compassion for the out of work and poor and I don’t think for one moment he will use his presidential authority to go after businesses, people.


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