Romney – Obama Debate – Continuing to RUB it in!!!!

A majority of Voters needed to see Romney was viable. He clearly provided that evidence – and more. I continue to believe Obama is finished – he has been finished for months if not years. We must all vote. We must all contribute – until it hurts – money and time. Our country hangs in the balance. But this majority of voters want ABO – Anybody but Obama. The majority got the right answers from Romney. I predict here that viewership will fall dramatically next debate. Fewer still will watch the last one. The Ryan debate has a nefarious side – like a car crash – many want to see Biden dissected – but they will change channels once the exchanges get gory – early. Only the voters whose votes cannot be swayed will watch the next debates. Most have satisfied themselves Romney is a viable alternative. More – Obama has nothing to hit. Romney is squeaky clean – honest, true, chaste, benevolent – all the Boy Scout ideals Romney believes and practices. Romney is smarter than Obama. He is more skilled – that comes from private sector success. Romney had to earn his success – unlike Obama who is not content to take the affirmative action gifts and live well. No, Obama demands more. “HE” must be portrayed as the smartest, the best ever. He now believes the lies created by the MEDIA to describe him. Obama cannot recover from his personal and professional failures. He is too egotistical to admit Romney or anyone is his equal.

In my mind, there were two points that were pivotal in the debate:
1. Obama’s repeated claims that Romney’s tax plan would provide a 5 trillion dollar bonus to the rich was debunked when Romney claimed that his tax plan would be revenue neutral and that the percent of the total tax bill paid by the rich wouldn’t change. At that point, Obama could no longer use his “tax breaks for the rich” attack which he has relied upon. Of course this was a self-inflicted wound because the left has constructed their own version of what Romney had proposed. In this case, Romney’s not rolling out specifics of his plan denied the left/Obama the opportunity to fabricate an effective response.

2. Obama/the left have used the “tax breaks for shipping jobs overseas” for so long that they believed it was true, rather than being prepared to support that assertion. When Romney stated he had been in business 25 years and had never heard of such a thing, it both called into question Obama’s claim, as well as implied that Romney has never used such a tax break. Had Obama been prepared with chapter and verse of the tax code to support his mythical assertion, he might have been able to turn that argument around, while establishing his claim as the most intelligent person to ever inhabit the Oval Office. Again, a self-inflicted wound by constantly repeating a lie.

Even the left now knows they are voting for an empty chair.


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