Obnoxious, rude and smug is not the way to do a debate Mr. Vice-President

I realized last night the Joey McMensa reminds of a loud uncle I have.   He was a child of the sixties, dropped acid, worshipped Crosby, Stills, Nash, Jefferson Airplane, etc.  When we had a get together like Thanksgiving or Christmas whenever any point of view that was presented that was contrary to his he would SHOUT you down with leftist lies, socialist bullshit and laugh loudly as he felt that he just humilated you.

That is exactly what Uncle Joe did to Paul Ryan last night.

In a move that reminded me of Biden’s creative storytelling at the debate in 2008, I was on the lookout for Biden’s two most common techniques, and found them there in spades last night. Number one, the storytelling about secret meetings and his hearsay reporting of things said there that supported his position. Last night it was, actually there were several, but last night I recall his closed door meetings with the Joint Chiefs of Staff who allegedly told him they didn’t want any more money for the Pentagon. Hard for Mr. Ryan to respond to this absurdity because of course he was not present. Second technique and this is a big one, the bald-faced prevarication; deliciously delivered by Biden with all the faux conviction he could muster. I heard Biden state that one of two primary reasons why the Administration was acting differently in Syria than in Libya was, get this, that Syria was “five times” the size of Libya. Biden told the moderator that this physical difference was, in part, the basis for the Administrations rushing into Libya and staying out of Syria. Well, I’m no geographer, but I do have Google, which confirmed that Libya is actually almost ten times as large as Syria! Biden explained that Administration policy was based on a fact that was dramatically, absurdly, wrong! As Mr. Ryan said, we deserve better than this.

Obviously  Biden thinks what’s happening in the world and in our nation is just a joke. I have never felt so humiliated for our country than I was seeing him up there laughing about Iran building nukes. Laughing about our citizens being murdered by terrorists. Laughing about 23,000,000 Americans being out of work. Laughing about trillion dollar deficits and raiding medicare. The man is a raving lunatic!

I think Joe was passing gas the whole time and laughing at how they were silent to keep himself entertained.

My father in law has a saying “Always keep an extra packet of bullshit in your pocket”.  By what I saw Joe Biden had a skid of bullshit in his pocket on Thursday night.


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