Here is how Mitt Romney can deliver the knockout punch to Obama tonight…

You see when battling progressives you have to rock them back on their heels.   Instead of waiting for 0bama to bring of the ‘Romney Lies’ meme, Mitt should  strike first.

Ask America, “Whom do you trust, me or my opponent”?

The guy who said he would close Guantanamo or the guy who reached across the  aisle in Mass and produced a bipartisan healthcare plan?

The guy who said he would cut the deficit in half by the end of his term (but  added $T in debt) or the one who’s taxes and charitable giving are 57% of his  income?

The guy who has an 80% failure rate in his crony-capitalism Green Energy  company building, or the guy who has been wildly successful by helping to launch  dozens of innovative, new Fortune 500 companies employing directly and  indirectly, millions?

See, it’s all a question of trust; do you trust Mitt Romney or Barack  Obama?


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