Hey GOP Candy Crowley wasn’t EXACTLY Fair and Balanced in the second debate. How about growing a spine and demanding a conservative to moderate a couple of the debates?

You see ladies and gentlemen Candy was a typical Liberal thought process. Crowley thought the debate was about HER. She wanted to be the center of attention. Because of that, she committed two egregious sins….She inserted herself where she had no business…and she got the facts wrong when she did so. Her ego wrote a large check, that her even larger derriere was unable to cash.

 In the future the GOP should refuse to participate in debates unless there are two moderators from the right: one from Fox News and one from the new media like Joel Pollak from Breitbart or Bill Whittle from PJTV. I hope in four years it will be clear to America that the MSM lacks “gravitas” and only occasionally undertakes random acts of journalism. The real journalism is found on the internet.

And hey Libs, how the hell did Crowley JUST happen to have a copy of the Rose Garden speech transcript on hand? How did Obama know she had a copy of the transcript? How did she happen to remember that Obama did use the phrase “terrorist acts” in that speech? Why did Obama seem to encourage Romney to challenge him on that issue?

Did Obama and his handlers coordinate with Crowley before the debate? Is there any other possible explanation?

“Eye Candy”, apparently, is not aware that he is looking pretty grim these days. All that lying and his unaccountability as to where all the Trillions went could be weighing on him—not to mention that his illegal war in Libya has turned into chaos and his friends in the Muslim Brotherhood are no longer pretending to be “moderate”.

As far as “Candy” is concerned, let’s just say that her reputation dropped more than a little. It was, also, clear from her choice of questions that she, too, is still suffering from “Bush Derangement Syndrome”. She should have declined to be a debate “moderator”. We might have continued to assume that she was as smart and fair as she pretends to be. Now, we know better.


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