Should Obama be Impeached???

When talk of impeachment is brought up, regardless of whom it is directed  against, there is always the mitigating factor that once one party is out of  office, the other party will retaliate with trumped up charges of impeachment of  their own.

In the case of Barack Obama, et al, I believe that there have been criminal  acts committed – we can start with Fast & Furious and work our way outward  from there.

Yes, I do think that the word treason is apt.  I do think that Barack Obama,  et al, are deliberately trying to topple the government through their Cloward & Piven approach to the welfare state, there deliberate acts in foreign  policy, their deliberate use of executive orders to circumvent the Congress,  their bullying and intimidation of the Supreme Court that are ripe for  investigation.

And no, I am not at all interested in prosecuting them for the purpose of  exacting capital punishment.  I would be perfectly happy with giving the whole  lot of them a lifetime supply of orange jumpsuits, three-squares every day, and  a 6′ x 9′ area of public housing for the rest of their natural life; these are  the people that want to have government pay for all manner of welfare, let’s  give it to them good and hard.

I believe we need to air out the dirty laundry as it relates to the Marxism  that has infiltrated the Democrat Party in the past century.  The words of JFK,  as a Democrat president, now sound to the right of Mitt Romney; the words of  Nancy Pelosi sound like Fidel Castro.

Our nation has a cancer and that cancer is progressivism.

It is time to start excising it – it is time to tell these people that either  they pledge their allegiance to the Constitution of the United States or they  can get the **** out of the country.

It is not their country to overthrow, damn it.



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