The Spread of Liberalism must stop…NOW!!!!

We need to stop the creation of Liberals. Our public schools are infested with Liberals. The MSM is also. Hollyweird is full of Libs also. We need to figure out how to stop Libs from becoming Libs in the first place. We need our wonderful nation to “sell itself.”

The first action is to disassemble Affirmative Action and stop ‘selling’ diversity as it has been pitched. All of these micro-groups who think they are owed a debt of gratitude more than the common person need to get real. Like Lloyd Marcus says, get rid of the moniker African-American. We are all Americans. I don’t understand why someone whose parents were from Barbados makes them an African-American anyway. Someone who was born in Monaco or Luxemburg that immigrated to the States and became a citizen is more of a minority one could argue.

Next, de-fund all of these idiot groups who are on the government dole through grants that propagate nonsensical ideals.

Next have the Department of Education, if they are still around after Romney takes power, set ratios of administrative personnel vs. teachers, for educational systems that receive federal funds. I am amazed at how this ratio has flip-flopped.

I am with Romney on energy independence; re-open Yucca Mountain and go tell Harry to pi$$ up a rope; fast track nuclear energy. Open up ANWR. Get coal back on its feet. Develop the heck of the gas resources. And put EPA in check and their little merry band of greenie watchdog groups who thwart every project to develop fossil fuels. Frankly, I would put Sarah Palin in as Secretary of DOE if it still exists after Romney takes over.

Lastly, we need to get some real tort reform going. Make frivolous lawsuit outcomes more punitive to the loser that brings these issues forward. Quit hamstringing the medical industry with malpractice insurance that enriches a few at the expense of many. And stop donating money to those high bastions of education like Harvard who seem to think they are so much better than us mere mortals. They need a lesson or two in truly ‘how to get along’.
And as for corrupt Liberal Judges who continue to issue rulings for bigger government; we have our legislatures fire them en masse. As TP Patriots we need to do the same with our elected judges at local levels that we our doing with our reps. Those that are appointed by our reps can be un-appointed by our reps. We need to make a show of force (make a big stink) for this to happen. If we cannot dismiss them for poor service then we no longer have a right. If we do not have a right then they are not needed.


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