Votes that are definitely “locked in” for Obama

A little reality here but we need to consider the new fabric of our country:

-Unions in the northeast own that important voting region and will always vote for the corruption (democrat) that insures they get paid more than they’re worth.

-Liberals on the west coast are actually socialists; many are just too stupid to know what they are following. It’s the politics of correctness run amok. Zombies, if you will.

-Government employees now number over 20 million. The average government worker makes double the income of the average private sector worker ($120k v $60k). Add to that number the voters in those households who have similar motivations. Do you honestly think they would vote for less government? That’s 40 million voters!

-Nearly 50% of the US pays zero federal income tax (which includes the massive number of welfare recipients).

-Our Universities (we’ve been programmed to believe as essential), are nothing less than communist indoctrination camps, further supported by raunchy media and popular culture. The dogma lasts in the young voter’s mind for at least two presidential elections.

-Illegal immigrants and other significant voter fraud too numerous to list here.

We’re overrun and even if we do get control, even if we believe the Narcissist-in-Chief will forgo his dreams of a dictatorship, how much longer can we survive the malignancies outlined above before the next Obama finishes what was started? They have their “boots on our throats.” What was once a steady decline due to socialist policies is now a free-fall?

Even if republicans win in a landslide, the policies necessary to bring this country back from the brink will be polar opposite the special interests of those in the list above. The energized voters that win the day will go back to work and think they’ve done their job. The likes of Boehner, McCain, Graham, etc…. will go back to their taxpayer-paid dinners with the likes of Pelosi, Reid, Boxer, etc…. and we’ll see the special interest groups grow to an insurmountable point (if not already). Even if we win, if we do the same as we’ve always done, we still lose.


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