SOOO… What happens if President Food Stamps Wins?

If Barack Obama wins, he the president of “punish our enemies” and “voting is for revenge”, this could be the outcome:

1. Most people he will punish and extract revenge on are white business owners, in response they will lay off people, stop growing and stop spending. The economy will contract in a big way.

2. Unemployment will shoot to 8.5 % by end of winter. 9 % by summer.

3. Stock market plunges 25% by March.

4. Inflation kicks in as the dollar quickly collapses. Obamites on food stamps begin to riot since the price of soda, beer, crab legs and steak goes through the roof.

5. Embassies in Muslim countries will be attacked and overrun. There will be American hostages taken.

6. Price of gasoline will double, electric rates will triple and there will be shortages of all energy as the gestapo like EPA gets its way.

7. Housing prices plunge as a result of items 1 to 6.

8. The Main Stream Media continues to praise Barry even as quality health care becomes a thing of the past.

Vote Romney-Ryan on November 6th.


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