What a Mitt Romney Presidency will look like…

For us to be treated as citizens rather than serfs.

Our hard-earned tax dollars, mine, and everyone else’s will be spent wisely and with due respect for the labor we invested in their earning.

Simple truth rather than blatant, ludicrous, moronic lies from our public servants.

Our federal government will not participate in prodigious numbers of murders in our name in both our nation and Mexico.

Those in high office will actually defend our nation against predatory Islam rather than squander still more American lives and uncounted trillions of dollars fighting unwinnable land wars all over Asia under suicidal rules of engagement.

That the president will offer us a birth certificate that’s not an obvious, sloppy forgery.

The Secretary of State will abstain from hiring a leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood as her chief assistant.

Our intelligence and standards of justice won’t be insulted by gibberish about so-called “investments” in so-called “green energy” fantasy companies that promptly go bankrupt to the enrichment of so-called “bundlers” of campaign contributions.

That the Attorney General will enforce the law without flaunting overt racism and anti-Second Amendment bigotry and arranging secret financial and other deals with Mexican narcotics cartels.

There will be better vaunted “transparency” than trying to shove the American way into the reeking sewer of the Chicago way.

We want our nation back. Kindly don’t try to stand in our way.

Let Get them Elected and The Chicago Way politicians out of the White House!!!!

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