Obama Wins – America is Finished…

We’re doomed, doomed I tell you…


 Fat Lady Sings:

Our borders don’t mean anything anymore.  Come one, come all, come freeload  off the land of the free.  Abortion rights (i.e. murder of an infant you  couldn’t be bothered to prevent) is a woman’s foremost right.  Right to sodomy  and socially sanctified acceptance of that is a new “right”.  Mind-wasting drug  use is an individuals “right to choose”, after all, it’s their brain they’re  damaging, who are society to advise otherwise?

We deserve another 4 years of BO.  We have so debased ourself as a society  that it is only logical that such a man would be our Dear Leader.  I have long  said that when this country failed to maintain common decency/manners towards  one another, everything else would give way.  Schools no longer demand “respect”  towards adults, as that is violating the children’s rights and hurting their  widdle feewings.  When self-centrally trained children grow up, they become  self-centered adults, hence the self-centered behaviors such as drug use, loose  sexual mores and abortion.  No responsibility required when the only  consideration given in the decision-making process is “what is best for ME”.

I grieve for my country.  What was once so great has rotted from its inner  core due to PCness taught from “head start” on up into Grad school.  We should  be ashamed, but I’m afraid there is no shame left to be found in our country.   There is no taking responsibility, only excuses.  Those brave Americans in  service to their country in Benghazi weren’t saved because we “couldn’t” help,  but because it was easier to provide an excuse as to WHY we couldn’t.


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