Things I learned from the 2012 Elections

Here are a couple of things I took away from the 2012 Elections:

1)       That for $900,000,000 you can run ads that make a productive, God-Fearing, Moralistic man seem like a lowest form of pond scum and get millions of people to believe it.

2)      That MesSNBC is lower than Whale Dung in the Mariana’s Trench.

3)      The rest of the MSM is a couple of feet above MesSNBC.

4)      That Americans for the most part have absolutely NO self-esteem.  Most of them want to be gang-raped by Obama’s Cabal for another four years.

5)      I still cannot find any redeeming things about Barack Obama that would even make me consider voting for him.

6)      That John Boehner is the king of RINO’s – Paul Ryan for Speaker of the House.

7)      Even in winning Libs, Progressives are still the biggest assholes on the planet.

8)      Mitt Romney was the right person to run for the GOP to run for President.

9)      That PJTV really helped me get over my despair after Obama won.  The $39.95 for the members only membership was the best $39.95 invested in the last two or three years.  Bill Whittle, Scott Ott, Steve Green, Alfonzo Rachel, Steven Kruiser, etc .  absolutely rock.

10)   Mitt Romney should have gone into the deepest, Obama supporter Ghetto in Philadelphia or Detroit with Security and given a stump speech there.

11)   Mitt Romney should have gone on Bill O’Reilly twice.  Once before the debates and once after. Bill would have been tough but fair and Romney may have picked a few hundred thousand more votes.

12)   Keep away from Family strife do not have a Romney v Obama argument when your sister is in the Chicago Teachers Union and your brother is in the Railroad Workers union.  You may win but there will be collateral damage that hopefully will be healed by Christmas.

13)   That sometime in the not too distant past the Democrats sold their collective souls to Satan.

14)   That David Axelrod as much as an asshole as he is, did a good job with the ground game for Obama.  Would I want him on my team?  NO.

15)   That we Conservatives and Tea Partiers need to stop the period of mourning ASAP pick our collective asses up and get back behind the wheel immediately for 2014 and beyond.

16)   That all of the Dem big government, debt spending policies is going to bite them back in the ass HARD.  It may take a lot of good people down with it.  But in the end Conservatism will rule the day and for a long time after that.


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