So today, starts the second term of Obama’s Reign of Terror…

A few words from Allen West

imagesIt’s inauguration day for the second term of President Barack Hussein Obama. The ironic thing is that when the celebration is over, and the hangovers subside, President Obama and his acolytes will have to look in the mirror and realize they have inherited their own self-created economic mess. These facts show what they have wrought since 2009:

There are 2.1 million more Americans NOT in the workforce.
A gallon of gas is up 79%
The Federal debt is up 55%

America must no longer accept the rhetoric of blame and whining. Time to man up and offer solutions. “Taxing the rich,” gun control, and amnesty are campaign rally points, not governing principles. I for one shall be the eagle’s eye watching, commenting, and guarding the future for our next generation, ensuring they inherit a greater America, not a diminished liberal progressive nanny-state.

Obama, his minions and the Lame stream media will, but rejoice, I regret. It only goes to validate their success. Their agenda has always been to destroy America. Bankrupt the country and destroy the self-worth of its citizens. They didn’t write the plan or initiate the agenda, but they were to advance it to completion. The only things they’ve done right were all wrong. They have succeeded in bringing us the “New Normal” of high unemployment, big government and unsustainable deficit spending. I sometimes wonder if in 2016 the new normal will be cooking rats over garbage cans. Where did our passion go as Americans and why in the world have we as a people decided a new mediocrity in leadership in the name of Barack Hussein Obama and his gang of socialists is okeydokey???



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