Hilllary on Terrorist attack in Libya: ‘What Difference Does It Make?’

Washington Free Beacon/You Tube

First, she’s arguing like my kids when we tell them they are not having pizza for dinner. These are the kind of people running our nation’s foreign actions and policy.

And Hillary it makes a boatload of difference… You, The President and Susan Rice spread the Progressive bulls**t lie that this whole thing was caused by a bad Anti-Allah film made in the US.  Well justice prevailed the filmmaker is sitting in jail as the only current political prisoner in America at the moment.

“What difference does it matter”?  Secretary Clinton, what if the Ambassador was YOUR daughter?  What if the Ambassador was the President’s daughter? 

Not one, NOT ONE finger was lifted by you or anybody in the administration when the Ambassador was screaming for more help.  What did you think he was ordering Pizza because there are no Pizza Huts in Benghazi?

The result is four dead Americans and absolutely ZERO effort to rescue them.

But hey enough people bought the bulls**t you and the administration spread long enough to get the anointed one re-elected re-installed as dictator.



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