John Kerry as Secretary of Defense will Implement “Obama’s Vision for the World”

530824_480382038685181_1921435371_nWow, that is a truly scary s**t thought there John.

And what pray tell is Obama’s vision of the world?  What is that?  A world in which the Jewish nation of Israel is destroyed completely and Muslim Extremist rule with iron clad theocratic dictatorships throughout the Middle East?  An Iran with nukes and missiles that can strike the U.S.?  A world, where Muslim extremists don’t rule that is full of autocratic Marxist/Socialist dictatorships including the United States?  I have no doubt that Sen. Kerry, the guy who hid his yacht in RI to avoid MA taxes; will pursue exactly that in Obama’s name!

And in my American History class in High School back in the 1970’s I was taught that the Secretary of defense’s job and duty was to represent the United States.   I don’t want Obama’s Vision for the World – it will make Glenn Beck’s “Agenda 21” book prophetic.

Also, does this mean that he’s on-board to commit treason?

Keep in mind, this is John F Kerry otherwise known as Hanoi Kerry, the same John Kerry who lied to Congress in 1971.  The same John F Kerry who spoke with the North Vietnamese representatives in Paris, the same John F Kerry who got a 3 Purple Hearts in record time, went to Cambodia on a secret mission that never happened and got a Silver Star in a mission he did not lead. Oh, btw, like Obama, he sealed important documents of his military record in spite of his promise to do so in 2004.

Bottom line, this is envy; Kerry could never accept losing against Bush and now he wants to use this opportunity to “play” at least Co-President.


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