Jenny McCarthy’s Ex-Boyfriend comes from on high the Hollywood Hills to tell us little people what to think and feel about Gun Ownership..

Fox Nation

Funnyman Jim Carrey joins a long list of celebrity liberals who think the lives of those who share a different philosophy than theirs may not be worth all that much.

Please enlighten us Jim tell us words for us slope headed, inbred, knuckle dragging “Guns and Religion” Neanderthals.


And Jim Carrey is another example of why kings never asked their court jesters to defend their castles either.

Seriously, what all this is really about is self-serving politicians, pompous ass celebrities, and Socialist utopia seeking individuals wanting to control what law-abiding individuals can or can’t have or do to suit their idealistic views of what the world should be. Instead of adhering to and enforcing laws already in force to combat gun violence they seek to make criminals out of good people, with laws that will only serve to aid criminals, so they will have a means with which to control good folks that don’t think as they do.


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