Feeling Suckered yet America?? CBO: Obamacare Will Force 7 Million people to go to a DMV like environment for their medical care


07252012aIn 2009, President Barack Obama promised Americans that Obamacare would not threaten citizens’ individual healthcare plans. “No matter what you’ve heard, if you like your doctor or healthcare plan you can keep it,” said Obama in 2009. “And everyone will have the stability and security that’s missing today.”

But according to new figures released Tuesday by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO), seven million Americans will soon be forced out of their employer-based insurance coverage, as businesses opt to simply pay the federal government’s penalty and forgo continuing to offer workers private health insurance.

Over the next 10 years, Obamacare will cost taxpayers an estimated $1.165 trillion.

The sheeple who believed this “man” and voted to re-anoint him are going to suffer right along with those of us who knew who he was and what he was even before he got elected in 2008. This is just the tip of the iceberg- the entire Health care system is going to collapse. Hospitals will start closing their doors and Companies will stop providing health insurance for their employees and some Companies will downsize to avoid being required to provide Insurance. A lot of Primary Care doctors are starting to change a yearly fee, if you don’t want to pay it, you will have to look for another Doctor. A lot of Doctors are now dropping out of the Medicare and Medicaid programs. We haven’t seen a damn thing yet.

Obama should have got maybe a couple a thousand votes, him, Michelle, various relatives he did not leave in the street and every Obama for Emperor Sheep.  Other than that – Romney should have slaughtered Obama end of story.

And now the s**t really starts hitting the fan folks and it is not going to be pretty and I guarantee you it will not smell like Ralph Lauren.


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